Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a celebration!!!

Paradise Chapel Church put on a celebration like we have never seen before Sunday night. They honored the Hawaiian Crusaders Baseball Team for winning the championship undefeated at the Cal Ripken tournament in South Carolina. It was unbelievable and so unexpected. We were truly blessed. They had awesome entertainment, so ono, ono food, and a huge turn out. They even had some state representative there. Mayor Mufi Hanneman sent a congratulatory letter to the boys. Representative Maile Shimabukuro and Representative Karen Awana attended and awarded the team with a House of Representatives certificate for recognition of their achievements. Members from the church did an awesome performance of Michael Jacksons "We are the World". The boys and coaches were given gifts and they ended it all with a video of pictures from the Cal Ripken tournament and trip. We couldn't have been more blessed and more honored. It was like the boys won the World Series, which in our hearts they did. They worked hard and was truly blessed for it. We send a GIANT MAHALO, MAHALO, MAHALO, to Paradise Chapel Church for their prayers, love and support and for the awesome celebration. We love you all and may God bless you always.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Praise God we have such awesome team moms and helpers. Thank you Malia Keopuhiwa and Lisa Ranada for taking on the job of being our team moms. We know that it was alot of work and it continues to be so, but we truly appreciate all that you do. Malia, you are so awesome. Even with you having to take care of all your keiki's you still find the time to take care of our team. Thank you so much. For all those that helped with the cooking and feeding of our kids in South Carolina - Aunty Barbara Miguel and her gang...MAHALO!!! How great is God that He made sure that we even had our own cooks!!! We are so blessed. Again, thank you everyone for keeping our team going strong. We love you guys!!

Our Awesome Coaches

The Hawaiian Crusaders are truly blessed to have such awesome and dedicated coaches. They have given of their time, finances, support, prayers, and love over and over again with out asking for anything in return. They love the kids and are always there for them and we truly appreciate all they have done. In case we haven't told you guys this yet......MAHALO for all you do for our children, families, and community. To Coach Roy Kaululaau, Coach Roddie Miguel, Coach Kimo Lincoln, Coach Ed Benner, Coach Gary Kuakini, Coach Eddie Kuakini, Coach Nappy Napalapalai, and Coach John Okinaka....again Mahalo for all that you have done for the team whether here on Oahu or all the way in South Carolina, whether this current season we finished or past seasons, we truly appreciate you guys. You all have made impacts on our childrens lives and years from now when they look back at their lives, imagine, you made a difference in them. We pray peace and blessings on you. We are also so grateful that God brought Coach Gary Kuakini back from Iraq safe and sound. We had hoped that he would have been able to be back in time to go to South Carolina with us, but even though he wasn't there in person, he was there in all of our hearts. Praise God that he is home. Thank you COACHES!!!!!

Recruiting Time

Aloha everyone,
The Hawaiian Crusaders Baseball Team and Flag Football Team is taking registrations for the new season. If you would like your child to play baseball and/or flag football with them, please contact Roy Kaululaau at 808-291-0741. Practices have already started for both sports and both seasons will begin soon.
Mahalo and God bless

Our very own photographers

Hey, what team can say that they have their very own awesome photographers? Well, the Hawaiian Crusaders have their very own spectacular photographers that did an awesome job while we were in South Carolina. Thanks to Roylyn Kaululaau and Dustin Paling who captured every moment of our experience there. Whether we wanted them to or not.....hahaha. They did such a great job getting action shots, video taping the games, catching all those funny moments, and all those victories. Thanks guys, we so appreciate all your hard work you did and yet you did it all for love. Hours in the hot, hot, hot sun and never complaining. Just to get that perfect photo. You would think that they were professional photographers and not that this was their first time they did this. Again, Dustin and Roylyn, in case we haven't told you guys we really appreciated all you guys did. Also a big Mahalo to Aunty Darnelle for helping out with the video taping, even though sometimes she forgot to move the camera when she was getting to caught up in the game.....hehehehe. Such moments captured forever to be able to share with our Ohana. They did an awesome job and we love you guys.


Paradise Chapel Ohana is having a celebration dinner for the Hawaiian Crusaders Baseball team on Sunday at 5pm to celebrate their victory at the Cal Ripken Sunset Classic Tournament in South Carolina. Thank you and we love you guys.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hawaiian Crusaders Baseball Team Wins

The Hawaiian Crusaders Baseball Team from Waianae took South Carolina by storm and showered them with God and Hawaii's love and aloha like they have never seen. From the moment the Hawaiian Crusaders arrived in South Carolina they showed their love and aloha to all they came in contact with. The team was the first team from Hawaii to ever play in the Cal Ripken Sunset Classic Myrlte Beach South Carolina week long tournament. The tournament started on Sunday, August 16,2009 with the opening ceremonies and the skills competitions. The Hawaiian Crusaders won 1st place in 2 out of the 3 competitions. Monday - Wednesday they played double headers, back to back games, winning all 6 games with a record of 6-0. Thursday they were the #1 seed and played only one game. The game was all or nothing. If they lost, that would end their tournament, but if they won, they would move on to the championship game on Friday. They came out victorious and won now with a record of 7-0 and the only undefeated team in the tournament. Before and after each game the boys prayed and gave God the glory because we all new that if not for God they would never had made it to South Carolina. After each game the team gave gifts of puka shell necklaces, shell leis, Hawaiian Crusader car stickers, Hawaiian Crusader baseball, macadamia nuts, and other items from Hawaii to every player and coach. The boys made God and Hawaii proud with their humbleness, and loving attitudes toward everyone. They were like magnets attracting all they came in contact with and making life long friendships. At the championship game we were told that they never did see in any other tournaments where all the other teams would come out to the championship game and cheer on one team. When we looked at our cheering section, it was huge and we were truly blessed. The boys won the tournament with a score of 3-2 and brought home the championship. Praise God. Joshua Lincoln of the Hawaiian Crusaders was named the tournaments MVP, which he truly deserved it. All of the boys played awesome and played as a team supporting one another. They were smaller then the mainland teams, but that didn't stop them from being victorious. We praise God and give Him all the glory for blessing us with an experience like this one. We are still receiving comments from South Carolina stating that they have never met a team like this one and that the Hawaiian Crusaders represented what baseball and sportsmanship was all about and they team and supporter showed such class. We are so proud of our young men and are truly blessed that they had such wonderful coaches and such extremely loving support. We thank everyone that helped us get there and for all the prayers, love and support. GO HAWAIIAN CRUSADERS!!! "Win or Lose we will Praise Him"

The Crusader Team consisted of: Coach Roy Kaululaau, Coach Roddie Miguel, Coach Kimo Lincoln, Coach Ed Benner, Coach Eddie Kuakini, -
Players: Mana Kaululaau, Nicholas Benner, Christian Paling, Ejay Kuakini, Joshua Lincoln, Dallas Ranada, Rudyjay Keopuhiwa Jr., Lonn Okinaka, Edward Hiilani Nauka, Napoleon Napalapalai, Alexcio Meyers, Jimmy Nunuha, and Jaymason Nunuha. (Lucky 13)

Contact Info for Hawaiian Crusaders:
Phone: 808-291-0742
Fax: 808-696-7230